Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  1. The ticket holder agrees and acknowledges the Southland Racing Club will not issue any refund for any payment made or permit exchanges or on-selling of tickets under any  circumstances.
  2. Southland Racing Club will not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or misplaced tickets. Southland Racing Club reserves the right to charge for the replacement of tickets issued.
  3. Correct ticketing must be displayed at all times and/or on request. Failure to comply will result in entry being refused or removal from the venue.
  4. The issue of tickets to a particular facility does not permit entry to any other private facility. However, you may access and utilize public areas.
  5. The serving and consumption of alcohol is subject to Liquor Licensing laws and requirements. The ticket holder must ensure that no alcohol is brought into the facilities or removed from the facilities without the prior approval of the Southland Racing Club.
  6. Southland Racing Club reserves the right to vary, add, withdraw, or substitute advertised programmes, menus, venues, seating arrangements and/or facilities at any time.
  7. Some venues are exposed to the weather. In such cases, no alternative facilities are available in the event of unfavourable weather.
  8. No ticket holder may display or erect any signage within the facilities without the prior written consent of the Southland Racing Club.
  9. If any part of an event including, without limitation, a race meeting, is cancelled, abandoned or postponed, in whole or in part, due to adverse weather or for any other reason beyond Southland Racing Club’s control, there is no right to a refund or exchange and no obligation is assumed by Southland Racing Club for the arrangement of a substituted event, ticketing, performance or any other element.
  10. All representations and warranties, whether express or implied, are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  11. The ticket-holder releases & indemnifies Southland Racing Club from & against, and Southland Racing Club will not be liable for, any claims, demands, actions, suits or proceedings, costs, expenses, losses, damages arising out of or otherwise in connection with use of the tickets or any facilities to which the tickets relate by the ticket-holder or his or her agents, employees invitees and/or guests.  
  12. Minors. This is an R18 event. Minors may only attend this event if they have pre-registered with the Southland Racing Club or Gallop South through a Member or Corporate and must remain under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian. No person under the age of 18 years may be sold or supplied alcohol at this event. If you look under 25, carry age ID with you at all times – you will be asked for it. Suitable proof of age identification will be required at point of entry and at bar points of sale.
  13. Payment confirms acceptance and understanding of these Terms & Conditions

Marquee Hire Terms & Conditions 

Between Southland Racing Club/Gallop South AND (The Hirer/Client) 

  1. The client hires from the Southland Racing Club everything agreed upon in the deposit form and/or custom booking form. 
  2. The price payable for each marquee (and furniture) is agreed to on the booking form. Payment to be made at time of booking, for the use of the marquee.   If full amount is not paid then your marquee will be on sold.
  3. The duration of hire is from the time the Southland Racing Clubs opens its gates for general entry to 1 hour after the last race of the day.
  4. The hirer is liable for any loss or damage to the marquee and the associated furniture provided to the hirer, including as a result of the hirer’s wilful act, omission or negligence. The Southland Racing Club will charge the hirer for any damage or missing items.
  5. If the marquees require extraordinary cleaning (to be determined at the Clubs reasonable discretion) after use, the hirer will be liable to pay for the cost of that cleaning.
  6. While every effort will be made to hire the marquees to the hirer, it may be subject to cancellation by cause beyond the clubs control. In these circumstances there shall be no liability to the hirer other than any refunds in accordance with clause 7.
  7. In the event that a race or races are abandoned during a race meeting for which the hirer has hired the marquees, the following refunds will be provided:
    a: If any or all races from race 1 to race 4 (inclusive) are abandoned, the club refund the hirer 50% of the price.
    b: If any or all races from race 5 to the end of the meeting are abandoned, the club will not provided any refund of the price.
  8. If the entire race meeting is abandoned before the first race, the hirer is not liable to pay the price, and if they have already pre-paid the price, the club will refund that payment.
  9. If you fail to attend the race and/or don’t use your marquee, you will be liable for payment of the marquee hire age.
  10. The Club will have 2 designated staff members to manage the hiring of marquees. The hirer shall contact the designated marquee staff immediately if there is anything wrong or if they have any questions.
  11. The hirer will comply with any instructions and rules set by the club or the designated marquee staff.
  12. Your marquee comes with 3 walls – Only the designated marquee team can remove or put up walls – please ask them if you like any walls removed or put up, and they will do it for you. In respect of the marquees, no alterations should be made to the position of the main support poles; base plates (where used) or ropes. In particular, the support piles should never be moved or lifted.
  13. Please have fun, but respect your neighbours. Loud music or behaviour that my offend others is not allowed.
  14. The Club reserves the right to evict anyone at anytime for any reason. If you are asked to leave for offensive behaviour there is no refund.
  15. Please don’t smoke in your marquee. No naked flames or barbecues maybe used in the marquee.
  16. At the end of the day, please put all your rubbish in the nearby rubbish bins and help us keep this event tidy.  To help our operational staff, please vacate your marquee 1 hour after last race.

Alcohol Responsibilty Statement
  1. Thank you for booking in with Christmas at the Races  – we hope you have a great day!As a host of a private marquee or Hosting in Christmas Cracker Marquee, where alcohol is being consumed you are expected to share the host responsibility with the Southland Racing Club.
  2. You are asked to be concerned about patrons in your function area and their consumption of alcohol.
  3. We ask you to extend a duty of care to your guests and to assist the Southland Racing Club ensuring that they do not cause harm or action in a way that may cause harm to him/her or others.
  4. The Southland Racing Club acknowledges that it has an obligation to monitor and supervise all areas on-course during the event and will not tolerate individual or group situations where obvious signs of intoxication are present and may close down a function or bar area if it sees fit.  We therefore ask you to assist us in maintaing good order in your tent/private function.
  5. The Southland Racing Club reserves the right to stop alcohol being served anywhere at the race course at any time of the event and has the ability to confiscate or remove alcohol from your possession or your tent at any time during the day.
  6. The Southland Racing Club has provided the police and security with permission to remove anyone from the racecourse if it considered that they have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol.
  7. Wherever and whenever alcohol is being served it is the Southland Racing Club’s duty to ensure that substantial food is available and that care is taken to ensure there are adequate supplies throughout the afternoon.  We ask for your assistance in sharing this responsibility if you are in a self-catering function.
  8. You are obliged to offer a range of non-alcoholic drinks and low-alcohol beverages as part of our bar stock in your private function area.
  9. We are asking that you assist us in ensuring that your guests do not “wander the course” consuming their alcoholic drinks.
  10. We ask you not to encourage practices that encourage intoxication: i.e. prizes and competitions involving alcohol.
  11. We ask you to appoint a manager in charge of your function, who will ensure that the above is adhered to and understood.  This person will be the first point of contact for the Southland Racing Club, if it is deemed by the Southland Racing Club staff, security or police that a guest from your function is considered intoxicated.
  12. The serving of pre-order self-service alcohol will finish on-course at approximately 3.30pm.  Cash bars will be closed at 5.30pm.
  13. BYO Alcohol is prohibited on-course.